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Void of course Moon

There are such periods when the Moon forms no aspects with other planets prior to leaving a zodiacal sign. This time is called a period of the idle Moon or a period of the freewheeling Moon. Such period may last for both 5 minutes and the whole day.

What is an aspect? It is a defined distance between two planets. The horoscope is of 360 degrees. Planets, which take a defined place in the horoscope, are located at a different distance one from another and are separated by a different number of degrees. There are harmonious and negative aspects. The trine (120-degree distance) and the sextile (60 degrees) are considered harmonious aspects. The square (90 degrees) and the opposition (180 degrees) are considered negative ones. A combination when two planets are in the same sign and are at a distance of up to 10 degrees from each other may be either harmonious or negative aspect depending on certain planets being in the combination.

Normally, everything that takes place during such periods has no result or logical completion. Promises are not kept, required addresses and phone numbers are not found, trips and meetings are wrecked.

It is not recommended to start anything important at this time, for instance – to conclude agreements, make deals, fix the first meeting with a client as well as a marriage or engagement date. The surgery or the first visit to the doctor shall also be appointed at another time. It is not advisable to take on a new job, become acquainted with new people, lend or invest money, register a new company or web-site etc. If you want to quit or go on leave, write your notice or application on the other day since chances are that your application or notice may not be accepted. Do not make calls regarding new proposals, do not make major purchases and do not write articles at this time.
We would advice to just complete your unfinished work or take a rest and do nothing at all. Besides, at this time it is possible to borrow the staff you need as most probably you will not be requested to return the same.

The period of the Moon void of course in June 2010:

1st of June - from 06:41 to 08:07 hrs
3rd of June - from 17:55 to 20:33
6th of June - from 08:49 to 08:49
8th of June - from 16:12 to 18:40
10th of June - from 22:50 hrs to 11th of June, 01:10 hrs
13th of June - from 02:34 to 04:49 hrs
15th of June - from 03:38 to 06:53 hrs
17th of June - from 06:23 to 08:40 hrs
19th of June - from 08:04 to 11:12 hrs
21nd of June - from 12:44 to 15:13 hrs
23rd of June - from 18:32 to 21:09 hr

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