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Planets in the Astrology. Moon.

Moon is a satellite of the Earth and the nearest to us celestial body. Moon returns to its position in 29, 53 earthdays. And accordingly the full Moon and new Moon repetitions take place with exactly the same periodicity.

The Sun and Moon are considered the most important planets in the horoscope. Their positions and aspects determine a person’s destiny, temperament, character, health state and all the life in whole. Moon symbolizes the feminine, mother, childhood period. It is Moon that is responsible for the pattern and nature of the everyday life of a person and his physical state.

There are several phases of Moon - the new Moon, waxing Moon, full Moon and waning Moon. Any person can sense Moon’s influence upon his mental state. The way we feel and our emotions are also under effect of these phases.
The lunar calendar is composed of 30 lunar days. The lunar month begins with the new Moon. Every lunar day possesses its unique energy, has its symbol and is favorable for certain activities. The 1st and 30th lunar days may be very short, and sometimes it happens that the month ends with the 29th lunar day.

Moon is changeable by nature and its effect depends on its position in the horoscope. As for people of strong and harmonious Moon, their mood changes frequently, their feelings and emotions are intense and often dominate over the wits. Such Moon provides the vivid fantasy and imagination, strong intuition and sensitiveness, susceptibility and bent for helping and taking care of the people being around.

People having weak and affected Moon are always unsatisfied with their life. They are unstable morally and physically. Through their own weak points they prefer drifting to living actively. They try to avoid physical activities and lead a life of the complete unconcern but do complain about everything all the time though. Such Moon provides the laziness, capriciousness, sluggishness, lack of initiative and self-discipline.

As for a person’s body, Moon is responsible for the stomach, digestion and right-brain. In case a person’s Moon is strong, the quality of the food consumed directly influences their mood.

Moon’s’ day of the week – Monday.
Metal – silver.
Astrological element – Water.
Minerals – moon stone, amethyst, crystal, pearl.
Colour – silver, white, pearl colour.
Age interval being under Venus - from the very birth to 4 y.o.

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