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Astrology and choice of a marriage date.

  One fine day all our life may change. Sometimes we do not realize that we adopt the path of destruction of our life and then face only problems and strokes of misfortune. But at times we become favorites of fortune, who attracts a stroke of luck, happiness and prosperity to their life, just having chosen a marriage date correctly.
This day is of the overwhelming significance in our life so it is really important to choose a correct date.

   Most often the date is chosen keeping in mind our preferences, for instance – to happen during a favorite month of the year or basing on the wish to have a sightly date put in a marriage certificate. Sometimes people are lucky and a date turns to be favorable. But more often than not we do not take the astrology into consideration and choose a date unfavorable for the marriage. The marriage concluded on an unfavorable date will go wrong, be full of disputes and misunderstandings and may end with a divorce even if a partner matches you perfectly.

  To choose the marriage date, an astrologer needs to know dates of the birth of a fiancé and fiancée, the place of holding of a marriage ceremony and a period of time, from which the date is to be chosen. This work is laborious and complicated. An astrologer shall take into consideration a number of factors, positions and aspects of planets responsible for the marriage, horoscopes of the loving couple and their synastry.

   In case you want to chose a date yourself, please pay your attention to at least general recommendations in respect of such determining day.

   Such popular day as Saturday is considered in the astrology as an unfavorable day for the marriage. Saturn, which rules this day, will make the relationship cold and tough.
Favorable days – Thursday (Jupiter’s day), Friday (Venus’ day) and Sunday (the Sun’s day). Thursday provides the prosperity and good luck, Friday – mutual understanding and harmony, Sunday – optimism and wonderful children.
Tuesday (Mars’ day) is considered an unfavorable day. Mars is a planet of aggression, which brings disputes and disagreements to a married couple’s life.
Neutral days – Monday (Moon’s day) and Wednesday (Mercury’s day). The relationship of partners, who concluded marriage on Monday, depends on a number of social factors and is extremely emotional.

  Lunar calendar’s recommendations

  It is recommended to enter into a marriage when Moon is waxing. It will guarantee the advancing of a relationship, never-fading interest of a husband and his wife to each other.
Favorable signs of Moon: Taurus, Cancer and Libra.
Unfavorable signs: Scorpio, Capricorn.
It is very much unfavorable to enter into a marriage at the time of the eclipse of Moon. Also, the period of a week before and a week after the same won’t do for the purpose of a marriage. The same is attributed to the period of the Sun eclipse.
Lunar days the best for marriage: 3rd, 6th, 12th, 17th, 24th and 27th.

   Also, do not fix a marriage date during the periods of fasts, Easter week, on the eve of Twelve Feasts of the Christian year and Great Feasts.

  The marriage concluded on a favorable date will make it possible to smooth over hard aspects of the compatibility and to strengthen harmonious aspects.
So now you are aware of issues to pay attention to when choosing a marriage date. In case you need more detailed information, you may refer to an astrologer, who will choose the date personally taking into account all the facts of importance.

   May you live happily ever after!

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