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Planets in the Astrology. Saturn.

    Saturn is a cold and melancholic planet. It has been of ill fame from the earliest times being considered the most unfavorable planet in the horoscope. Jupiter is called «Major Happiness», whereas Saturn’s epithet is «Major Misfortune». Its unfavorability may be mollified by harmonious aspects and a strong position in the horoscope.

    It is an important planet, which will picture antecedents, difficulties and problems changing the whole life and leading to the turn of the tide and reappraisal of oneself.
    Saturn symbolizes the stability, structure, order and self-control. It is a master of the time, which keeps the vigilant watch over everything begun sometime back to have its end. All breaks up and separations take place under the influence of this planet. Saturn symbolizes the conscience, concentration, low and order, justice, work and obligations. It slows down all processes and activities.

    Being in a strong and harmonious position in the horoscope, it provides the single-mindedness, discipline, seriousness and cautiousness. Having such Saturn, a person always gets the job done and never retreats in the face of even the most complicated task. He will possess the philosophical attitude of mind and patience, dependability and modesty, consistency and wisdom. Saturn provides the habit of being accountable for own words and actions, emotional restraint, diligence and slight asceticism in everyday life. People being under the strong influence of Saturn are able to attain a high position in the society through the strength of their mind and their backbone.

    In case of weak Saturn being in a negative aspect, a person may have the fear of life and of being turned down and defamed as well as suffer the inferiority complex. Such person is weak, unsociable, sluggish, frigid and often suffers periods of the melancholy and depression. He has always no luck and is short of money. His emotions are weak and behavior is stereotypic. He is cool, self-seeking, greedy and mercenary.

    As for a human body, Saturn is responsible for bones and teeth, supporting and connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. All frostbites and injuries, accidents and paralysis as well as bones and vertebra’s diseases are under Saturn.

Saturn’ day of the week – Saturday.
Metal – lead.
Minerals – onyx, chalcedony, lazurite, obsidian.
Colour – black, grey and all dark tints of various colours.
Age interval being under Saturn - from 69 to the very death.

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