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Planets in the Astrology. Neptune.

    If you are interested in the magic, parapsychology, astrology or dream interpretation, Neptune influences you to the great extent as it symbolizes the mysticism and supernaturals. Neptune’s sphere is a world of subconsciousness, memoirs, presentiments and fantasies. Neptune helps us to perceive the extrasensory events and subtle planes. It symbolizes a person’s dreams, perceptiveness, sensitiveness and cloudland.

    It takes Neptune 14 years at the average to move through one Zodiacal sign therefore it influences the whole generation. This planet was discovered in 1846 only and has not passed all Zodiacal circle yet. The sign, in which Neptune was positioned at the time of your birth, pictures the way your generation will change the history as well as ideals, tendencies and ambitions at that point in time.

   If Neptune in your horoscope is strong and harmoniously aspected, you are a creative, highly sensitive, gentle and romantic person having a talent for poetry and music. Your are able to sympathize with loved ones and inclined to the self-sacrifice. You have trust in life and supreme powers being pious and unbusinesslike. Strong Neptune provides you with the loss of touch with reality and idealism, mystical premonitions and high spiritually, psychological abilities and devotion of yourself to higher truth.

    Weak and negatively positioned Mars provides propensity for the melancholy, delusions and despair. Such a person will be yield to temptations without strain and prone to various addictions - on drugs, alcohol or gambling. It often happens that he becomes a victim and is not able to be accountable for his own words and actions. People around are hardly able to understand the way he is and so treat him as a social outcast. Mental disorders are not uncommon for him. Such person is capricious, neurotic and negligent of his duties.

    A human body’s parts and organs ruled by Neptune are the pineal gland, nervous system and legs. Illnesses under Neptune are neurosis, madness, mental disorders, poisonings, hallucinations, deafness and blindness, narcotic freaks-out and somnambulism.

Neptune’s metal – platinum.
Minerals – amethyst, crystal and aquamarine.
Colour – aquamarine colour and tints of blue.
Taste - spicy.

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