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Keeping up of youth and beauty. Part 1.

     In former times when the pharmacy and cosmetology had not yet reached such an advanced level to provide the man-made beauty, women had to care for their appearance themselves. It must be said that our grandmothers’ methods were vastly superior to modern ones as they were aimed not to clear away a visual defect but to create the delicate aura of attractiveness, thanks to which the said defect turned into the desired ginger.
    Enchantresses of the past were a good hand at turning the clock back.

     Here is one of rites of the time:
     You need a cloth, new scissors bought with no change and a remnant of a cake of soap used to wash the deceased (a dead woman – for a woman and a dead man – for a man). Let us tell you, this rite is worth applying efforts to pick up a longed-for bit of soap.
     You shall buy an expensive dark cloth (velvet or brocade) and think to yourself or even better whisper upon the cloth words about the reason you are buying it. When paying, give a sum of money to receive back no change or silently leave a minor amount for a seller and go away.
      Stay at home alone and concentrate completely on your goal. Cut a big circle out of the cloth with your special scissors. Then draw the lesser circle inside it with the soap remnant.
      Put this cloth on the floor; take off all your dresses, jewelries and shoes.
      You shall walk 7 times along this circle back to front and pronounce clearly and loudly at the same time:

"Go on, the day, not from the East to the West,
But from the West to the East.
Turn every minute, every second,
Every hour and half an hour
Against the common fate - by the bewitching will,
Against the grayness and wrinkles, against the nature - by the might of enchantment.
I’m letting seven forces out and invoking seven names.
You, Powers of the earth and heavens,
Powers of the day and night, hidden and clear!
Come here and take away my old age,
Anility, grayness and sallowness, lusterless eyes,
All sicknesses, flabby skin, old mug,
Interior pain and bones pain.
Take away the old age and walk away with it.
Bring back that, which a girl (a boy) is proud of,
A young woman (a young man) boasts of.
Strong arms, well-shaped legs, broad hips (narrow ones – for a man).
My word is steadfast, my work is catching. Amen!

     After that fold the cloth by line and level and put inside a specially prepared bag. Store the same at the place inaccessible for others. It would be better to carry out this rite at the full moon.

     Also, besides this rite, keep in mind to dance naked whenever possible at the full moon letting your body absorb the moonlight and thanking the Moon liberally for the beauty sent. Every such dance performed all by yourself and with all your hart is able to turn the time back presenting you unexpected gifts from the universe.

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