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Black magic.

      There are lots and lots of types of magic. Some of them were known to a few nations only, other ones were popular only in certain ages. Most often the modern magic is divided into black and white ones.

      Black magic – is a specific action seeking to harm a certain person, which is made with the assistance of the powers of evil. Initially, black magic was exercised for one purpose - to wield the absolute power over people. The progenitor of this type of magic is the serpent, who invited Adam and Eve to partake fruits of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Since that time the forbidden fruit has been thought for generations of magicians to get everything the serpent promised: to be like Gods having knowledge of good and evil. Over the millenniums of its existence, black magic has enriched itself with a great number of rites being in use up to the present times.

       Many people regard black magic with a jaundiced eye considering its followers not quite mentally fit people. But in sober fact black magicians are not at all infernal individuals being controlled by demons from Hell. Black magic practice is just and attempt of ordinary mortal people to rise above the frailty of life and learn something being unknown to the mankind so far. There is a great deal of episodes in history when people were virtually baseless regarded as servants of Lucifer and were slain by scores. For instance authors of ceremonial magic textbooks (grimoirs) were considered black magicians as they supposedly encouraged readers to invoke evil spirits, kill enemies and send the ills of life. However, if these books are read carefully, it will become evident that almost every page contains at least one prayer addressed to the Lord and angels but not to demons at all.

      What black magicians consider the acme of perfection is black magic. And they have all good reasons for doing this. It is possible for black magic to resolve practically any issue, save a family from divorce brushing off a rival in love, cast over the binding, lead somebody on a string, cure lots of diseases. There are really not so few people in our world, who rose to fame and incredible wealth overnight. May it be so that some people like that figured in history exactly through incantation? Let us not insist on the same but there is no denying that.

      Normally, in order to carry out black magic rites it is essential not only to set a clear goal and be prepared to fit the ax in the helve. But it is also vital to be a man of outstanding will power and a bit of courage as well as to hold on to a belief that everything will work out well. Black rites connected with visits to cemeteries, burning of people’s photos and burying of dolls are not quite the thing to do out through the idle curiosity. Nobody knows the way such games with powers unknown to an ordinary person may back-fire. Those, who opted for black magic, had passed a long way from just a bare interest to initiation into the mastership to reach the acme of skill.

       It is true that in case a black magic rite is carried out properly by a skillful person, it is sheer possible to put the hex spell on, cause spouses to quarrel with each other, prepare dead water and cast over the imprecation. But you shall keep in mind that a magician will NEVER perform such things just for the fun of it or out of personal revenge. Black magic is an instrument of help and protection especially at those moments when other means are out of benefit any longer.

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