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Feng shui: magic power of a sound

    Music as a sound pattern of feelings

    If there were no music and wind, the life would be rather different - more dull and cheerless. A person discovers hearts of his hearts through music. A melody sprouts amidmost of his interior universe, imbues his whole soul and finds its expression in songs, prayers and magic incantations. A melody exists not only in case it is audible but also lives inside of people, animals and all objects in general being a dormant inner sound, and every object has its unique sound at that. That is an interior pace of living that strikes through all the nature. The inclination for self-expression through music is irrational for the animal world but is incident to human nature only. A melody incarnates creative powers of music and a drum rhythm personifies powers of destruction. Therefore, take one simple example: classical music, which melody prevails over the rhythm, expedites the growth of plants and the excessive rhythm affects them negatively. Such a principle is applied not only to plants but people also since it is bad for a human body to listen to hard music too much. As there is nothing unnecessary in nature and there is no creation without destruction, it is essential to both create and destruct once and again. In case a melody and rhythm in music are combined harmoniously, it represents natural cycles of life. And as a rule the golden mean may be stricken at first hand taking into account personal characteristics.
    Clearing of a space through sound

    Various sounds may be both favorable and harmful for prosperity, love and good vibes in a family. The sound is a really essential arche, which invisibly exists in other natural elements and imbues all the space. Just as Christianity and Judaism declare, so lots of other world doctrines state that the creation was started with a word (or a sound). That very first sound, which originated the whole world, is conventionally called Om or AUM in the East. If bells are cast of the proper metal alloy and are of a regular shape, their ringing reproduce virtually perfect Om sound. Therefore, bell ringing cleans full-blast both the external space and the inward man. As soon as an opportunity presents itself, listen to a peal of bells standing close by since it is a tremendous and unforgettable experience that clears your mind and soul. Singing Tibetan bowls, Jew’s harps and many other national shamanistic musical instruments are attempts of mystics throughout the world and time to reproduce this divine sound Om felt inside them. Sounds of such musical instruments produce extreme vibration that clears the space so it will do you good to place a Tibetan bowl, Jew’s harp or at least a simple small bell at home. Besides making use of musical instrument, you may also sing Sanskrit mantras or listen to their records. In case mantras are your blind spot and you don’t know which one shall be chosen, opt for a universal mantra «Aum Namah Shivaya» suitable for almost everybody. Its vibrations are effective at all levels of existence. When repeating mantras, you shall sit facing the north or east. But never sit facing the south since it is a direction of death in occult practices and is to be turned to when performing black magic rites only.

     Wind chimes

    A feng shui talisman wind chime is a great favorite of many people. It blends splendidly into your home’s interior appearance, produces good vibes and also makes a great gift. It is essential to choose the wind chime depending on your dwelling’s sector you are going to hang this talisman in. As for «problem» areas of disharmonized flow of Qi energy, which are in need of energy streams correction or protection from the negative influence, odd-metal tube wind chimes possibly equipped with small bells and feathers shall be hung there. Eight-tube wind chimes shall be positioned in the northwest sector of «high-powered patrons and help-mates». As for the central portion of the house being a health sector, it is better to hang bamboo wind chimes equipped with nine tubes according to a number of all nine feng shui areas so that energy would circulate in all directions. Bamboo wind chimes create an aura of peace and comfort so such a talisman is suitable for practically any area. Also, bamboo wind chimes radiate serene energy making the air around softer and warmer. The wind chime may be located in the bedroom and study room as well, but in no case hang it right above the bed or writing table.

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