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Magic in everyday life. Important omens essential to be aware of.

Turns out, the everyday life of a modern person is packed with omens or rites, which may be easily attributed to magic. Everybody knows that the spilled salt is to a quarrel. But hardly anybody is aware of the origin of this omen. In ancient times the salt was rare and thence expensive staff. And a spoilage of such a precious thing inevitably leaded to an argument. So the omen appeared therefrom. There is a number of such examples not to mention the omen on a full and empty bucket that is carried towards you or the necessity to sit down before leaving own home. Few centuries back mothers could cure their children as it was thought that a person of blood ties was able to treat any disease. In extremely complicated situations, the powers of the other worlds were called for help.

Every women of a child-bearing age had a wealth of incantations for all of life’s emergencies: protection from the people in power and unjust judges, from an illness and an evil eye etc. Such “incantations” were based not only on words. They were a unique combination of a word and wish, thought and action as well as special accessories. Nowadays hardly anybody practices incantations and charms in everyday life but still it is essential to know them to protect your own home from misfortunes and troubles, to be able to withstand the other people’s negative influence, to attract the prosperity and wellbeing into your home.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. The harmonization of its space is especially essential in case a couple of just married young people lives in it. It is thought that a sleeping couch located near the window leads to being on the move always. Also, it is better for spouses to sleep on a common coach -a sofa or double bed. Two one-and-a-half beds put together is not the best variant in case you would like to avoid dissonance in your intimacy life. Besides, it is recommended to sleep under a big blanket made of one piece. Any obstacle between bodies leads to the energetic separation, and the same shall be avoided especially during the first few months of the life together.  If your body lies with its legs towards the door when you are asleep, your vitality dries out during the night time. The custom to carry out a dead body with its feet foremost is directly connected with this omen.

Also, it is necessary to arrange mirrors in a flat in the right way. Never put or hang a mirror in the bedroom in such a way that sleeping people (even a part of their bodies) could be reflected in it. A mirror in the corridor is to be arranged alongside of the entrance door but not on the opposite side. From the earliest times magic properties were attributed to a mirror, which was considered a portal to the other world. And let us recollect again omens about dead bodies. In case there is a dead body in a house, mirrors must be covered with the dark cloth so that they would not “remember” the grief and sorrow and a soul would not get lost in the world behind the looking-glass.

If you want to attract money to your home, carry out one or few rites. Count over money in your purse regularly. Do not lend or borrow in the evening time especially after the sunset. It is possible to put few coins with their heads upward under the entrance door carpet. Also, put a money note under a tablecloth in the kitchen. Try not to flick crumbles away from a table with your hand. And do not throw anything away into the window even just a cigarette butt. It will lead to the drying out of material values under your roof. Also, it is possible to put up the “hidden treasure” at home. Coins and notes shall be hidden in places difficult of access: in few books or in a bookcase, behind a writing desk or under clothes on a wardrobe’s shelves. Every time you hide money in a secret place, pronounce “money begets money”. After such actions the wealth gets attracted to you since you have already surrounded yourself with various amounts of money.

Be especially attentive when you receive guests. Never let them wash the tableware under your roof  as it may lead to disagreements in the family. The custom to serve round guests also has quite a good reason. It was thought earlier that one shall never hurt, harm or wish a person ill in case that one had broken bread with the said person. If there is a celebration under your roof, serve the table for all guests invited plus for one more person - an unexpected. Even if this spare chair remains unoccupied all the evening long, this simple omen will attract the wealth and peace into your hospitable house. Besides, this omen is of practical usefulness. In case the unexpected guest comes suddenly, there will be no necessity for a host to fuss to provide him with the flatware, plates or chair.  Once guests have left your home, pay your attention to few aspects when clearing the table. Never eat up the food remained on the others’ plates or finish off the others’ glasses as you may take over illnesses of other people. It is not recommended to throw away the food especially bread.  Pack the food debris in a separate bag. Crumb the bread and give it to birds on the next day, give the food debris to cats and dogs living in the streets.

There are a number of everyday life omens that can foretell your future or even influence the same. If you hold the table’s corner often, chances are that you will obtain your own accommodation units in the nearest future. The broken or even slightly split tableware shall be thrown away from the house immediately to maintain harmony in the family and avoid arguments. When you give to somebody or return any container (a jar, box or bucket), put something inside (a coin of a minor value will be the best choice). Having given away a part of your belongings, you will receive it back in the greater volume. Do not look in the same mirror at the same time, it may lead to the argument and partition of some property or to falling in love with the same guy (for young girls).

And finally, pay your attention to the most important omen and treat it with the great respect. If you do something for your home similar to omens listed in this article, NEVER TELL SOMEBODY ABOUT IT as you do it for you and your own home and there is absolutely no need in the outside person’s eye, which may be evil sometimes.

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