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      The word 'megalith' comes from the Ancient Greek μέγας meaning “great” and λίθος meaning “stone”. This term includes so called cromlechs, dolmens and menhirs, which name derives from Breton language (belonging to Celtic group of the Indo-European language family).

     A Cromlech is «a circle of boulders». This structure’s very name makes it is quite clear that it is a certain number of stones arranged along the circle and upright and by all appearances designed this way to form quite a complex construction also having stone ceilings.

     The most famous cromlech is arguably Stonehenge located close to Salisbury city in England. It is supposed that this cromlech functioned as an observatory just as Arkaim discovered in the Urals. It is erected of stones of 30 to 80 ton weight, which have survived to this day to be in quite a good condition. Scientists are of the opinion that this is because electromagnetic and acoustic oscillations are generated in various modes by the cromlech.



   A Dolmen is «a table stone». It is a peculiar stone chamber built of heavy slabs and normally having a roundish entrance-like opening in one of its walls. The height of dolmens varies greatly but more often than not makes up 1.5 to 2 meters. Besides, entrances are so minor that the head of an adult person can hardly pass through some of them. It is reported by tourists who visited Caucasian dolmens that few of them felt a surge of energy and children were ones who had their best time there.


      Menhirs look very much like arrows of up to 18-meter height. Megaliths are discovered from time to time not only on firm ground but also in the depths of the seas. Lots of megalithic structures have been found up to date in many regions all over the world. There is no continent without evidence of the activity of ancient architects, who used mainly quartz-containing rocks known for their piezoelectric and piezoacoustic properties. Ancient stone cities such as Nan Madol erected of megaliths of more than 5-tons weight as well as Chichen Itza located in the Yucatan Peninsula do also fall into the category of megalithic structures.

    El Castillo (Pyramid of Kukulkan) in Chichen Itza is of nine stories and four staircases being symbols of nine heavens and four cardinal directions. The number of stairs is 354 and 365th one is a top platform that bears a temple designed to perform religious functions.




     As for the territory of modern Peru, there are also lots and lots of mysteries. In 16th century De la Vega tried to crack them and was full of admiration and amazement giving his comments on the Inca fortress. A special feature of the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman is that it seems to be impossible to insert even a knife blade between its stones. Pyramids in Giza (Egypt) may produce the same fantastic impression as their stones are fit to one another very thoroughly.




The former greatness of extinct civilizations is also declared by underwater four-cornered pyramids found close to islands of Japan and the Bahamas. Imagination-catching underwater monuments are composed of plane platforms and huge terraces. By the most conservative estimate, the erection of such structures dates from no less than 10 thousand years back. There is no clue to the construction methods with the use of megaliths. Scientists have not been able to find any intelligible explanation to the appearance of those mysterious objects so far and presently the issue remains at a plateau of scientific hypotheses and suppositions by enthusiastic amateurs.

    There is no question about one point only – civilizations that have left us the material evidence of their former might and greatness were highly-developed. There is no asserting with dead certainty that representatives of ancient cultures are extinct nowadays as scientists agree to the postulate that the Universe is multidimensional. And nobody can tell about the adoptive place of living found by ones who was able to plumb the depths of existence and master various natural forces.

    Legends are characteristic for poeticizing the image of creators of megalithic complexes or investing them with certain willfulness. As the sayings of many nations go, there are dwarfs, with whom people may establish contact by means of megalithic structures. But along with this, fair-skin and red-bearded gods are described in Polynesian legends, Merlin the wizard is famed in England and Viracochas (white and tall offworlders) are mentioned in sayings by Peruvian Indians.

     Nowadays, people suggest hypotheses that there is the probable connection between all megalithic complexes round the world established for some purpose known all through by their creators only. Undoubtedly, great civilization of the ancient Incas and Egyptians could not possibly equal those, from whom they inherited gigantic structures by force of historical circumstances. There only remains for us to conjecture that megalithic complexes were erected in order to have control over certain electromagnetic resonances. 

    From viewpoint of various mystics and metaphysics fiends, megalithic architecture was of all-purpose use to cure diseases, establish communication over long distances through conversion of electromagnetic oscillations into sounds and even three-dimensional images as well as teleport from one portal to another distant site. And this matter may be viewed with certainty only by people experienced in such practices. As for us, we shall try to see the true value of the heritage of our ancestors.


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